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Bina Schedulers Sdn Bhd

BINA Schedulers Sdn Bhd responds to real time needs of Project Control Solutions and Services in this region. Our services range from Project Initiation, Implementation to Closing. We specialize in implementing Primavera Enterprise Project Control Suite, customized to suite your Organization.

About Us

We specialize in implementing customized Project Control Systems/Solutions, customized to suit your Organization’s exacting needs. We work closely with clients in establishing project processes for assessing and controlling projects. Together, we will hone your Project Management Processes and strategize a blueprint that enables the completion of projects on time, within budget and with the required level of technical quality of the project scope.

Our Services are a springboard from which we will move forward and evolve together. Our main objective is to provide requisite solutions for success, no matter what phase of the project life-cycle your business is in.

Our People

By recruiting & retaining the best professionals in the business, we are able to utilise our team’s combined skills and experience to create effective and practical solutions for our clients.Every member of our team is passionate about planning and project controls. Our team of highly capable planners & engineers, are committed to bring progressive planning techniques, visualisations and delay analysis services to our clients.
Our Values

The crux of a successful solution are the values it’s based upon. Our company leads the Planning & Project Controls industry with strong essential skills drawn from years of combined experiences on project sites. Throughout the years, we believe in crucial core values that still continue to drive our success in providing efficient solutions to our clients.

    Our consultants apply the highest professional, ethical and technical standards throughout the industry, and we practice accountability at all levels of our organization
    We communicate openly and honestly at all times, with sound advice to all our Clients to deliver the best solutions for every situation.
    Our consultants are trained to work effectively in team-based environments, and have been able to deliver value to our Clients by assimilating into the respective Project Teams to ensure that all deliverables are consistently met.
    Our consultants have extensive exposure to Project Control environments and are always encouraged to create innovative and flexible solutions for our clients in various scenarios.